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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Intelligent Designers Bitchslapped

A federal judge – a Bush appointee I might add – ruled today that it is unconstitutional to force teachers to present Intelligent Design as an alternative explanation to evolution because it amounts to establishing religion in public schools.

Intelligent Design is a lovely idea. Really. My son, for instance, seems like a revelation, as does the foliage of a Japanese maple, the taste of a mango. Surely these things sprung from an inspired Godhead, a master auteur, even if it took millenia of adaptation and random mutations to reach such perfection!

Of course, these sentiments spring from faith, (or maybe wishful thinking), which is a very different beast from science. When I studied the theory of evolution in college, it did not threaten any spiritual beliefs I harbored; in fact, I approached it as though I was learning how god works.

This ruling doesn't prevent teachers from talking about it. It just says that it's not science, so science teachers can't be required to teach it as if it were.

(Judge Jones) emphasized that the ruling "does not prohibit public school students from learning about intelligent design or other religious theories in appropriate social studies courses, such as a course in world religions."

I wouldn't be averse to a science teacher bringing up ID within the context of a brief, current events tangent or a historical aside regarding the tension between science and religion. Just no trying to ram religion down schoolchildren's throats, okay? Thanks.


At Wednesday, December 21, 2005 10:00:00 AM, Blogger Elisa said...

I just read an article about this and was thrilled at the judge's ruling. Jones was not indifferent to religion and was completely sensible and fair. He managed to get through the marketing term "intelligent design" and reveal it for what it was: the Christian story of Creationism sold as science in the classroom.

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