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Friday, December 02, 2005

The Horror

So I'm laying in bed on a Friday night with my husband. The kid is sleeping peacefully down the hall. Do we pillow talk? Stare deeply into each other's eyes? Share about our day?

No. We watch every one of these atrocious karaoke videos made by mothers who harbor rock-n-roll fantasies and enjoy the fresh scent of Snuggle fabric softener.

"Thanks to all of the talented moms who entered the 'Snuggle Be a Singing Scentsation' contest -- they've really showed us how the fabulous scents in Snuggle liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets make them want to sing," says Helayna Minsk, Snuggle marketing director.

I mostly feel neutral about advertising mascots. But that Snuggle bear makes me want to rip out its stuffing and light it on fire. My video would get voted off fast, due to violent content.

Apparently, fabric softener makes these moms wanna ROCK! Like, doesn't laundry make you wanna ROCK? I remember reading an article where all these female rockstars were asked, "When do you most feel like a woman?" Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders deadpanned, "When I'm doing the dishes."


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