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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why Old Sparky Should Flame Out

A teenage offender was wrongly executed in Texas, according to a sickening, but in-depth series by the Houston Chronicle.

Ruben Cantu's conviction and eventual execution largely rested on a single eye witness report, which has since been rescinded:

That eyewitness, Juan Moreno, was a 19-year-old illegal immigrant when, along with his friend, he was shot at least nine times during the Briggs Street robbery. Moreno survived; his friend did not.

Now, Moreno, the accuser and key witness, has joined Garza, the accused accomplice, in telling the Chronicle that Cantu was never at the murder scene.

"They put the blame on the wrong person," Moreno said. Cantu "was innocent. I am sure."

Shame on Moreno for not clearing Cantu's name sooner. But, this tragic incident should be reason enough to abolish the death penalty.


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