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Monday, November 07, 2005

Fortune Gets It

I am one of those lucky moms who had the choice to stay home when my son was born two years ago. But I have been dismayed by the old "mommyhood versus work" debates that often flourish on message boards and the rash of articles such as this NY Times piece berating women for leaving the workforce to take care of their children. The insinuation is that a.) an educated woman is too smart to be a stay-at-home mother and b.) once she leaves the workforce there is no turning back.

Finally, Fortune Magazine -- yes, that is the premiere business magazine -- has published a sensible and uplifting story about women who left the workforce and then returned to similar, if not, better positions:

"Some women leave the corporate high life but are then lured back. In 1998, Brenda Barnes famously gave up her $2-million-a-year job at PepsiCo to spend more time with her family. Six years later she joined Sara Leeā€”and now she's CEO (as well as No. 3 on our list). Ann Fudge was the president of a $5 billion unit of Kraft Foods (and No. 34 in 1999) when she decided to take a two-year sabbatical. She came back to corporate life as chairman and CEO of ad giant Young & Rubicam in 2003."

The article also noted:

"If there's a single thread that ties together the experiences of these women, it's that taking control of one's own life can feel as bold as wielding power in a corporation. "It's not that they're abandoning it or walking away," Potter says. "I see it as women really exercising their full set of options. And I think that's just a gutsy, powerful thing to do.""

Of course, not all corporations are as welcoming to women who have decided to have kids. How about an article on that?


At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 12:14:00 AM, Blogger Gloria said...

People don't realize that staying at home is a full time job. One that is rarely appreciated or understood. We have had this ongoing debate since the days of I Love Lucy. Who can forget that famous episode when Ricky and Lucy changed places?? That's that Little Ricky wasn't even born yet!!

I remember reading an article where a price was put on each duty a stay at home wife/mom performs. Cleaning = $$, Cooking = $$, Nanny = $$, Gardening = $$, Nutritionist = $$, as well as **ahem** extra curricular activities... :) Lets just say that if we had to be paid for everything we do, NO ONE could afford us!!!


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